About Our Clinic

For nearly 16 years, our financial district dentist, Adam Smith, DDS and the dental team at DentCo Dental Clinic have provided cosmetic dentistry as well as family dentistry services. Dr. Adam understands that patients have a variety of practices in the area to choose from.

Come and experience dentistry carried out a little differently in our Private Practice. A practice where you will:

  • [medin_icon icon=”icon-check-mark-1″]Be involved in your care and treatment choices
  • [medin_icon icon=”icon-check-mark-1″]Be welcomed and feel relaxed and cared for
  • [medin_icon icon=”icon-check-mark-1″]Appreciate the well qualified, experienced team
  • [medin_icon icon=”icon-check-mark-1″]Want the best dentistry available

Mission / Vision Statement

It is our mission to exceed expectations by providing exceptional dental care to our patients and at the same time, building relationships of trust with them.

Our vision is to be one of the leading dental clinic in the area, expanding our services to reach additional community members. We work to be trusted by patients, a valued partner in the community.

Our Advantages

  • [medin_icon icon=”icon-check-mark-1″]Specialists and Dentists as One Team
  • [medin_icon icon=”icon-check-mark-1″]Initial Dental Assessment
  • [medin_icon icon=”icon-check-mark-1″]All Types of Dental Services
  • [medin_icon icon=”icon-check-mark-1″]Safety by Credentials
  • [medin_icon icon=”icon-check-mark-1″]Dental Implant Experience
  • [medin_icon icon=”icon-check-mark-1″]Innovation
  • [medin_icon icon=”icon-check-mark-1″]3D Imaging Center
  • [medin_icon icon=”icon-check-mark-1″]On-site Laboratory
  • [medin_icon icon=”icon-check-mark-1″]“Same Day” Dentistry
  • [medin_icon icon=”icon-check-mark-1″]“Same Day” Dental Implants
  • [medin_icon icon=”icon-check-mark-1″]Innovative Clinic Design
  • [medin_icon icon=”icon-check-mark-1″]Complimentary Consultations
  • [medin_icon icon=”icon-check-mark-1″]Insurance and Financing
  • [medin_icon icon=”icon-check-mark-1″]Services Cost
Motivation is easy

Our Core Values

Our Office

Our dental office in is a state of the art dental facility equipped with the newest technology, capable of handling all of your dental needs. All of our operatories are equipped with intraoral cameras that are able to show us, and you, the precise treatment you might attain on a television screen.


  • [medin_icon icon=”icon-check-mark-1″]TV’s in each treatment room
  • [medin_icon icon=”icon-check-mark-1″]Complimentary coffee, Juice
  • [medin_icon icon=”icon-check-mark-1″]Wireless Internet
  • [medin_icon icon=”icon-check-mark-1″]Warm lavender towels
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